BFirst A-Z of Learner Wellness

As part of our ongoing work on the social media account for BFirst by Bata, we collaborated with The Toolbox to produce a learner wellness syllabus that set up to provide learners, teachers and parents with the tools they need to deal with some of the many difficulties that face South African learners on a daily basis.

The programme was rolled out over a few months, culminating with a competition that presented 3 winning schools with a brand new play gym. We visited these schools to present them with printed copies of the A-Z Learner Wellness booklet and The Toolbox presented a wellness session to help learners and educators un

Team Credits

Steve JonesCreative Director / Designer
Zwelisha GiampietriCreative Director / Designer
Sizwe Mji-MajijaContent Director
New NoiseAgency
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