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We offer studio recording and production services for a range of audio projects including voice overs (VO) as well as music and other creative projects.

Our custom-built soundproof studio is located in Manor Gardens, Durban. We are running Pro Tools DAW version 12, Focusrite pre-amps, Rode Mics and state of the art plugins. Studio rates start at R400/hour. Contact us for a quote for your project. Sessions include mixing by resident studio engineer with 15 years experience.

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Our studio recording rates start at R400/h for music projects, R500/h for editing and mixing for video and R600/h for voice-over projects.

Our billing is done per hour. So you pay for the time that is taken to do whatever you want in the studio. If you want to record for 1 hour it will be R400 for example. If you want to record, mix and master a track, it will take 2 + hours usually, so this will be R800+ for example.
If you only want one hour in studio we can only do a demo recording and basic mix in one hour.
A hip hop track recorded for radio might take 1+ hours to record and another 3 hours to mix and master so this would cost R1200+ for example.
This time depends on how well you are rehearsed going into the session. Having your media in a USB can also save time.

The hourly rate is for any service that you require in the session, be it recording, mixing or mastering. We can do whatever you need and you will be charged for the time spent on the session.

We take bookings by appointment only. Please send us a Whatsapp message to +27 (0) 66 353 3235 to request a date.

We do not make beats for artists. We can record live instrumentation if you require, but you should bring your own beats to the studio session. Ideally, your track is well-rehearsed and ready to be recorded. We would suggest using a site like Beatstars if you are looking to purchase a beat.

It is best to use WAV format audio for any session. While we can use MP3 files, there is a notable jump in quality of the track making use of lower resolution audio like MP3.

We are open for appointments only. Please hit us up on Whatsapp to book a session +27 (0) 66 353 3235. We generally operate Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm.

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